Malarkey Roofing Products has manufactured quality roofing products for over fifty years. We offer a full line of residential roofing products and one of the most advanced lines of commercial roofing systems. Malarkey also manufacturers inorganic fiber mats that we use in our roofing products. Malarkey’s products are made at our original location in Portland, Oregon and at our South Gate, California facility.

About those storms and 100 mph winds…

Malarkey offers the best protection available for your home against extreme weather with Class 4 Impact Resistant (UL 2218) shingles. Malarkey’s SBS rubberized asphalt makes the Legacy®, Alaskan™ and Hurricane™ brands the toughest asphalt shingles available!

Greg Malarkey described in an open letter to Malarkey customers what the benefits of impact resistant shingles are to the average homeowner who might experience damage or loss from hail. Remember Hurricane Andrew and the damage to homes that resulted from it? Malarkey’s Alaskan shingle was the only shingle approved by Dade County for new construction for six months after that storm. Additionally, the Alaskan shingle was the first to pass the 110 m.p.h. wind tests. If you want to know more about what makes Malarkey impact-resistant shingles so tough,

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